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Celestial Version of the New 5 phrases Moola Mantra with the musical orchestation of Dum 432 and the Special Participation of a Oneness Choir Gathered through Internet and mixed in Studio Krystal Sound of Buenos Aires. 


Om Shreem Sarveshwaraya Namaha


"Salutations to the All-That-Is"

"Saludos a Todo Lo Que Es"

Om Shreem Param Jyothiye Namaha


"Salutations to the Supreme Light"

"Saludos a la Luz Suprema"

Om Shreem Param Premaya Namaha


"Salutations to the Suprem Love"

"Saludos al Supremo Amor"

Om Shreem Param Kaarunyaaya Namaha

"Salutations to the Supreme Compassion"

"Saludos a la Suprema Compasión"

Om Shreem Param Pavithraya Namaha


"Salutations to the Suprem Purity"

"Saludos al Suprema Pureza"

Celestial New Moola Mantra 5




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