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Paz Peace Shanti Shalom Salam




Sacred Chants to find inner peace through the integration of East and West in an experience of universal devotion to our Source of Love. All paths, religions and beliefs are included in this collaboration to achieve peace in our world.


This CD leads you to an inner journey through a trilogy of mantras; 3 versions of the Moola Mantra, 3 of Gayatri Mantra and 3 of Om Namah Shivaia; and one Asatoma Mantra.

Album Notes

The new Moola Mantra is a contemporary revelation that brings an evolution in spirituality in which the focus is no longer in the relationship with a particular Guru or particular school, but to connect with the presence of Love, of Light, of Compassion, of Purity and Consciousness of All that Is. The first version in the CD is a devotional explosion that integrates this mantra with the sacred chants "Gloria" and "Alleluia" as a celebration of the marriage between opposites within us. The second version of this Mantra has a special sweetness and softness to let yourself go and awaken the treasures of our hearts. The 3rd Moola Mantra connects with the root of this Mantra in its classic version to inspire the joy of Being.

The Gayatri Mantra, one of the oldest prayers of our planet¸ invokes the female side of the Light. The 3 versions of this Mantra in the Cd connect with this inner beauty in fairly feminine way, with great sensitivity and intimacy. On the other hand, the 3 versions of Om Namah Shivaia complementarily are male and special to connect with the strength and the power within. The Asatoma mantra version brings to these Trilogies the sweet and tender attributes of our Source in a called for carry us from the darkness to light, from fear to love, from death to life.

With all my heart, thanks to each of the people that included their voice, their colors and perfume in this music that comes from Heaven to brighten and transform our lives day by day. Namaste 
Paz Peace Shanti Shalom Salam

Composing, recording & production: Dum 432/Javier Aguilar
Mastering: Andy Rocca
Art: Pedro Vayu Gallinguer

Voices: Diana Schifrin, Flavia Vallega Krystael, María Delicia Gallo, Anahí López, Lucas Ruffo, María Victoria Ialorenzo, Laura Ronco, María Fernanda Guitierrez, Mariano Fuentes, Silvana Marino, Ramon Rainjan Sosa, Miguel Obando
Guitar: Miguel Obando
English translation: Carolina Eizaguirre

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